Friday, July 30, 2004 0 comments

Hey thre....well,quite a few stuff happened todae,so shall blog abt it...

Well,todae started kinda least nth bad went to sch....well,culd say tt sch was kinda borin.....probably bcuz of one simple fact......well,my pal Scott didnt come to sch todae,n well,i kinda lost my 'partner-in-crime' in terms of wat els?Suanin e BOSS aka Eoin of cuz! maths was definately borin...but i still managed to do a list of sums(A miricle!!)lol....den had to endure mt n POA ...wy?cuz of one simple reason....we were supposed to get our test papers bck....but due to some stupid absentees,we had to wait till next reali wait much longer...especially my i hav studied seriously,i reali wanted to see wat kind of result wuld i wait drags...........
den had ART,whre my pal BOSS had some probs wit his artwork...althugh he didnt say anythin to me,e face givs away's e BOSS,e expression...when e nose starts to enlarge....den e eyes...well,u hav to see it fer urself...tink its hard to find him?no prob,peeps...e unique BOWL-SHAPED  hairstyle is smthin u cant miss stop e suanin here...
AFT SCH:went to hav lunch wit some pals at thomson plaza burger a mentally unsound bugger who actually proclaimed loudly in e BK tt he njoys watchin see his frens or rather his so called 'frens' were 'wonderful' frens...went hm aft tt to get ready fer my god-sis's b'day party....NOW,frm tis point of e day,it mus b one of e worst days of my 15yrs of,came hm,my dad asked me to buy food as he was hungry....but my mum asked me to wait fer her as she wanted me to help her to carry some groceries dad den insisted tt i  go dwn to get his food....i was split into two my mum's.....den my dad jus went nuts....he got angry n jus fired his words at me.....i got real frustrated....n worse of all,he asked tis qns,"if i were to say tt u go to place A,but ur mum asked u to go to place B,wo wuld u listen to?"at tt point of time,i was so frustrated tt i giv e ans,"I DUNNO!"...wat kind of qns was tt supposed to be?i had no idea at all...seriously.....den i had to delay my trip to e party as he was tinkin abt lettin me go...n my mind was completely flooded wit finally,at abt 6plus,i was allowed to go....(e party started around 5plus..) changed as quick as i can....den proceeded to e place...e party was kinda fun....njoyed myself...well,sort soccer most of e when i was abt to go,i got held up by a matter....well,see,thre's tis long so called 'feud'btwn me n pals n one guy...e matter is kinda dun reali wanna tok abt,im in e middle of e 'feud' side tells me not to tok e guy,e other side tells me to tok to e so seriously frustrated n confused now tt i feel lyk killin to do?tis line is repeatin contiunously in my mind....
Well,tt's abt all fer todae....culd say tt it is both a gd day n a crappy tt todae wun hav a repeat....e bad part tt blog again peeps....peace...=blog out=

Thursday, July 29, 2004 0 comments

Well,although todae may b a thurs,it seems lyk a,time fer me to blog any case,i wan to blog todae als bcuz of one more fren said tt "u blog weekly oly?"well,todae happens to b thurs,so i dun blog weekly begin now....othwise sound lyk a long-winded

MON:hmm...started e day fine....thought tt e rest of e day wuld b a great wrong was,i shan't tok abt mt e ans wuld always b e my 2.4m run...well,kinda flunked it again....sick of it,frm den on,all i can rmbr for e day was tt i had a terrible headache...real though my brain was bein,managed to scrap pass eng n hist,but culdnt take it went home bfore SS....(fantastic...wy?isnt e ans obvious?i skipped e clown's lesson! lol....)went home,n e first thing i did was to..(DISCLAIMER:DO READ BELOW IF U R EATIN...WILL WORSEN UR APPETITE...LOL..)well,e first ting i did was to throw up...yes,throw up as in vomit....well,e day was ruined fer
TUES:nth much happened.....xcept e chinese test,wich i had not much of a prob wit...( week moves on...
WED:nth much happened....(,e day was fine...had our POA test....papaya aka david ok test...supposed to hav our chem test..but got postponed to thurs(todae)...den had e clown's lesson.....stupid animated
THURS:well,todae,had our physics test paper bck....thankfully,my prayers were it.....den had eng,whre we were supposedly to take our 'clss photo' e fact was her camera was so tiny tt half e class culdnt even squeeze in e of time...den had chem test aftwards...well,culd say e same ting aft every chem test,im prepared to had SE whre alot of suanin n laughter was aft sch,we went to e prata hse to hav our lunch whre more suanin was whom,u ask?well,e ans is simple n obvious,none oth den BOSS aka proceeded on to my fren's hse to DO our SS,on e way to e hse,when we took e bus,our frens had drinks wit tem,so e bus driver said"u can brin it on e bus,but no DRINKIN!"well,e trip went on...till when we reached e second stop,e f**kin driver actually braked time n again jus bcuz my fren's lip touched e straw,n e f**ker had to make such a big fuss out of nth....bloody f**ker....well,my fren BOSS aka Eoin,took e intiative to record e details abt e driver n e bus plate f**ker is in deep sh*t now....well,we reached e hse aft much proceeded to e hse n started our suanin of a fun time suanin aft much laughs,i had to go hm as i had a time limit....n we didnt do any SS's new?

well,tt's abt my mon to thurs....btw,i shall add a disclaimer here...DISCLAIMER:FRM MON TO TODAE,WE HAD BEEN CONSTANTLY SUANIN BOSS AKA EOIN....N I PROMISE IT WILL's jus too,shall b eagerly waitin fer tmw,as we will b seein our respective papers,mt n poa....den wuld b goin to a god sis's b'day party....shall blog again tmw....i,peeps....peace....

Friday, July 23, 2004 0 comments

Helloos.....e time has cum fer urs truly to blog again abt e sch wk's jus kinda found out tt i got beaten by someone to blog....damn.....looks lyk i'll be accused of plagarism by somone,better start abt e wk....

MON:well,mt was lyk crap......terribly borin....(wat's new? had PE....had to run 20 f**kin rounds as warm up as i had failed my 2.4m run....crappy...but i didnt ran e whole 20 rounds...(if i did,i probably won be bloggin rite,went to play soccer wit my pals...den eng went pass lyk a speed had hist..NOW,HIST...IF WE PAID SCH FEES TO GET PROPER EDUCATION,DEN WY IS E F***IN TEACHER TORTURIN US BY OFFIN E FANS FER E ENTIRE TWO PERIODS JUS BCUZ IT WAS A LITTLE NOISY?sheesh.....i jus dun undstd teachers fact,i nv undstd had SS wit e clown.....well,first,she gave e class a 'heart attack' by sayin ''all rite,prepare for e test now."lol....e class thus reminded her tt it was e nxt lesson...some cuz,she went thrugh SS wit her silly antics....a clown at her
TUES:damn it....forgot to mention in e MON slot tt my pal,timothy solomon...came bck to BPS(of all schs,wy BPS? will be in 3e2 frm now....kinda worried tt he cant catch up...but wished him all e best tues,well,maths was kinda ms teo was late fer e lesson.....den POA wit papaya aka mr lee....nth much,xcept e fact tt he's tryin to win e 'best clown award' clown art was kinda borin als....eng was als was mt....den HIST.....tis time,e b*t*h didnt switch off e fans,ironically,e fans were not switched off,but a few of tem looks lyk those blades u see in e movies,ready to drop n
WED:began e day wit much enthusiasm n it was e day tt my street soccer team was competin fer a place in e quarter finals...stupidly enugh,i was sick....had a slight fever...crappy indeed....didnt reali bother to listen to e lessons e whole day,oly interested to hear e final bell one period wich i had my attention on was bck our papers todae....n true enugh,as i've said in e previous entry,i flunked....n flunked real badly.....sianz.....dun wanna tink abt it....n e final period wich probably wuld irritate everyone in class this whole wk mus be SS....when e freakin clown criticised almost 3/4 of e class' work.....n she personally demorallised a gal's confidence by sayin some cruel wanna mention it...real crap in e makin....aft sch,proceeded to e street soccer court fer e competition....well,we oly managed to get oly one point out of out of e competition...(
THURS:began e day real badly.....someone switched off my alarm clock n i tis day e art students were goin out on an excursion,i did not wan to giv it a up late in sch....record,e day continued to get worse as e day goes...had a gila relief teacher fer physics wo claimed tt he was LEE KUAN YEW's right hand mad...shall not rest of e day jus breezed thrugh...den e,one word to describe it....well,mayb,tt's my thurs....
FRI(todae):well,didnt get up late....(thk,culd say tt todae was kinda ok....had fun suanin boss aka eoin first ting in e mornin by revampin e straits times wit e boss times....followed by boss asia n boss list goes on....hahahaah...den had maths....she came aft one peroid....(wonder wat's keepin her tis whole wk?been late e whole e borin mt....den POA....papaya went nuts again....he's reali in good contention fer e 'best clown' had art....whre we had to cut n wheave e clay fer nxt wk's say tt no one was proceeded over to thomson plaza to hav lunch wit pals at BK....suanin was done went to e court to play soccer for awhlie....den proceeded home....

well,tt is all abt my wk...kinda disappointed abt e exit frm e soccer competition...but life mus go,tmw wuld our sch's musical night,which will be held at V.C.H. pal,boss aka eoin wuld be e MC for e event...althugh i culdnt see him in action personally,i wish him all e best...but tt's not he wuld definately do a great job...shall blog again soon,peeps....peace...=blog out=

Friday, July 16, 2004 0 comments

Hey thre! so as usual,anther sch wk hav for bloggin....well....all in all,it was quite a normal wk...nth too big happened reali...but culd say tt tis blog will be longer den e last begin now...
MON:well,mt was a bore(when wasnt it? had PE....took our height n out tt i hav grown shorter,or rather, blive it....cuz it's not elaborate on my weight we had our conditionin,which we had to run continusly,addin afew others lyk pumpin n live was almost tt,eng breezed thrugh(as had hist,which is reali beginnin to slowly creep into my hate-tis-subj bloody teacher is so f***ed up tt no one catches wat e hell she is 2.every subj in sch as moved on to new topics...but tis b*tch made us do corrections fer mid yr exam proceeded on to everyone's 'favourite' clown was up to her usual not elaborate...(had i played soccer wit my pals to train up fer e upcomin street soccer competition....rain nearly ruined it...but it stopped fast
TUES:tues began ok....had maths...nth much happened....den POA....shall not elaborate on papaya aka david we had ART...did some theory on had eng....breezed thrugh was a had anther lesson wit HIST b* us do e work we owed her...if not,had to stay aft sch,went to hav lunch wit pals....ohh,if im not wrong,me n my best pal,scott,had a great day suanin boss aka him wit e reader's digest....too complicated to we laughed our a**es off....
WED:began e day wit rather much it was e beginnin of e street soccer competition... culdnt wait till e final bell was borin(as breezed thrugh(real tired of repeatin we had physics in e lab....kinda crappy sittin arrangement...but wat e heck,i didnt hav a choice..borin experiment...nth had POA....borin as usual...den had chemistry....wit mrs guan as e teacher,u culd reali,had SS wit e damn,e much anticipated final bell a light lunch in e canteen....den went to e soccer court to watch e matcch was so rough tt it was similar to watchin a wrestlin e end,e two N/T classes went thrugh to e quarter finals....went hm aft tt....
THURS:began e day wit much we had two tests on e same reali expects to see flunked results nxt wasnt too prayin fer a pass at was gone in a was mt...den had chem test....tis one was gave up literally aft much,on tis day,boss aka eoin,had a bad day wit his prefectorial board....details unknown...he was real pissed tt day....*WARNING*(NO DISTURBIN E BOSS WHEN HE'S PISSED...HE'LL GO NUTS...LOL)im gonna get killed fer breezed thrugh as e teacher was had assembly...whre we had a speech competition.....obviously,boss had a place in als obviously,he won....a speech master at his cca aft sch.....reali borin....wished i was
FRI:today was a few stuff was get a single ting she mt was equally POA wit papaya....sianz.....den,finally,somethin far as i noe,a few students got food poisonin in e first recess aft consumin e canteen food...*DISCLAIMER*(DO NOT TOUCH E RICE STALL IN E CANTEEN...IF U DO,GO AT UR OWN RISK...LOL...)well,tey were responsible fer e food poisonin case..ambulance was called in....together wit e it seem lyk somethin big had all e fuss had died dwn...continued ART....kinda ok....den aft sch,went to thomson plaza to eat.....den proceeded to play soccer to train up fer nxt wed's competition....we were drawn in a difficult had to get all e trainin we can it pays
Well,tt's abt all fer tis sch wk...hope i can hav a gd blog soon....peace,peeps...=blog out=

Friday, July 09, 2004 0 comments

Heyyzz...another wk hav passed(or rather,anther sch wk has to blog again....well,kinda boring wk...nth BIG enugh happened to reali catch my

MON:hol bcuz itz youth imaginein spendin youth day at hm...n u got,tt's how i spent my youth day,at hm....definately up thre in e list of 'Borin Days'
TUES-THURS:as usual,another change to our guay to ms teo(she's better,aft all,i had her lessons als as usual,nth much happened....on WED,learnt tt we're gonna hav a double killer(physics n chem well,e bloody clown was up to her animated tricks glad it was one period...but she was unusually less animated den bfore...(a change fer e better?ANS:NEVER!!!!)lol...aft sch,went to play some socccer wit pals...rained halfway...almost e rain stopped aft a while(heavens answin our pleas?lol)..continued playin...finished at abt 5 plus...kinda late....den proceeded on to THURS....als had anther change wit more CME,now SE(dun ask wat ms chew to various teachers(dun ask wy our english compo test..but kinda screwed up...had writer's still finished it anyways...didnt hav assembly(thk had a kind of forum survey thingy...conducted by none oth by our very own 'BOSS'(i noe im gona get killed fer tis,but wat e heck,its worth class nearly went nuts...givin a range of crap suggestions to some gd ones...'rescuin' e uni grps seem to be e hottest topic(no idea wy,i jus wan my club to close's abt all fer thse 3 days...shall proceed on to todae,FRI...
FRI:protestin seemed to be e action of e protestions were seen fer at least three subj....first,mt...everyone wanted to 'escape' chinese spellin(real ridiculous,rite?) to 'escape' we had our class mr 'loudspeaker' to help out,(as in e end,still had to take on to POA...todae was probably e most chaotic POA class 3/4 of e class was protestin fer e test to be postponed to a later date...but if u noe 'papaya' aka mr david lee,u'll noe tt shuld u tell him u dun undstd a POA topic,his ans is so bloody simple:u dun undstd?REPEAT LOR!! sick of him...well,didnt managed to convince him,thus e test proceeded...durin ART,did some new sculptures..abt some kind of bowl n managed to finish e my pal eoin aka 'BOSS' kinda screwed up durin his sculpture work...culd see his flustered face frm a noe tt im so freakin dead fer mentionin 'BOSS' sch,went to j8 wit pals to hav our lunch....den proceeded on to e electronics shop,as a pal wanted to buy a found out tt my long time pal,Timothy Solomon,wo had left to e states to migrate,had came bck n stayin fer gd...(exact reasons r unknown,will find out soon...)but didnt hav e time to go see him...
well,tt's abt my wk so far...still got e weekends....can forsee a busy weekend doin alot of blog again,peeps....peace...=blog out=

Monday, July 05, 2004 0 comments

Hey thre....didnt blog fer e past wk as thre were reali plenty of stuff fer me to do..n due to time constrains,i wasnt able to blog...
Well,sch has finally began....changes were almost immediate...teachers tt changed were,[mrs lee to mr guay](maths)[ms lim to mr sim](physics)and lastly,ms lili(don ask me wy,she's a china b***h)(mt)...expects more changes...will be happy to see pals whom hav not seen each oth fer a mth...n as i've said,seein e teachers again were not on e nice-to-see-u-again e damn clown(note:read my first blog entry)she claimed tt she was mistaken fer a peruvian while on hol...damn crappy...n she reali pushed e limit when she actuali danced in reali no surprise if she win a aaward related to bein animated...den smthg to blog abt mus be assembly on thurs n pre-youth day on fri...THURS:assembly,we had some kinda of cirus comin to e sch to perform...n as usual,suspenders were seen(wat's wit e suspenders?some kind of trend?)lol...some crappy performances by some real stupid lookin clowns,den i guess e best part of e performances were e music n e dance by four gals,to which my fren sathesh got real pre-youth day,we culd dress in home clothes,of cuz,wit conditions(which made nearly half e sch dress in sch sch,went to j8 wit pals to hav lunch n als look at MDs n MP3s...met someone familiar,but didnt had e chance to acknowledge each other...aft tt,went to play LAN,oly to be distrupted by my bro....(e details r too was how my sch week went...
SAT:nth much happened...more or less tryin to catch up wit my slp as e nxt day wuld be e EURO 2004 final...
SUN:a real BIG out wit family e whole day...finshed e day watchin spidey 2 at plaza singapura....great movie....i wuld giv a 9/10 rating...although e action scenes r lesser den e first movie,e added CGI effects fer e action more den makes up fer it was definately my $$'s worth...finally,watched e final,n well,GREECE won it....didnt reali xpect
well,tt's abt all i hav to say fer e past wk...a new wk begins...shall blog again soon...peace...=blog out=

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