Tuesday, July 26, 2005 0 comments

'Superbly done'.probably sums up e day todae.lol.anyway.haven been bloggin.two reasons to explain tis.firstly,schedule's so freakin packed its nuts.now everyweek thre's at least 3tests.n add it to aft sch remedials n sci prac.simply over e limit.secondly,laziness n absolutely nth to blog abt.yup.so well.will try to blog as much as possible.anyways,wanted to blog last fri.but didnt reali get e chance to.yea.wanted to blog abt my pals' dance at Chinatown.was at e rehearsal on fri.saw e dance n i mus say its freakinn good.simply great moves.MTV wuld hav been proud.lol.anyways,wished tem gd luck n i mus say im sure tey didnt disappoint e crowd.not when e rehearsal was so good,u can alrdy imagine how gd tey culd be at e real thing.cant wait for their nxt performance in e sch's celebration of National Day.yea.new moves.cant wait.superb.well.Todae was another day of mixed emotions.firstly,e heavy downpour in e mornin reali ruined e day.felt so sleepy but cant get bck to bed.tat feeling stinks man.so was kinda dissed.well,e day got worse when i screwed up my POA test.damn.but fortunately,e day got better aft sch as i made my way over to Prata Hse wit Ashley.prior to tat was waitin for a bus wit Puvan & Ash.had loads of laughter talkin abt all kinds of shit.superb.den over at Prata Hse,talked abt so much of stuff tat totally forgot abt e time.hahs.den Scott came over n we proceeded over to his hse.had alot of fun goin down memory lane,along wit laughs n surprises.simply superb.was jus chilling ard n slackin till Eoin came over(plenty of characters,isnt it?)n we went over to his hse to do some Maths.yes,maths.got alot of my doubts answered n was pretty satisfied wit e amount of work done.considering e time limit n all.of cuz e usual jacking of Boss was definitely on e list.had alot of fun doin it.trust me.lol.anyways,headed home aft tat n pretty beat now.cant wait to jus lie on my bed n slp.well,tats abt all for todae peeps.tc.
=blog out=

Thursday, July 21, 2005 0 comments

Woooo.!sups peeps?well,its been close to one week since i blogged.been reali busy for e past few weeks to actuali hav time to blog.e upcoming 'O's,at least two tests per week,remedials,sci practicals.jeez.goin nuts already.too much on my mind.n e most recent incident,which involved e nuclear bomb.jeez.i mean.tis matter reali shocked me.to actuali commit such a act was simply out of my wildest thoughts.simply shockin n appalling.sick in fact.makes me feel sick in e stomach.i jus cant blive i hav such a 'friend'.well,jus 4more freakin mths.once its over,its good riddence to tat f**ker.hmm.,Todae wasnt pretty fine.e last thing i wanna talk abt was Ystd.lol.one of e worst days i hav to spend in my life.firstly,had to endure a sickening Boring SS lesson.den during PE,got into a little accident n suffered quite a few cuts.wasnt serious though.but e thing i find amusing was how paranoid my teacher was.although thre was a few cuts on my leg,he pasted a huge(i emphasise e word HUGE)plaster on my leg as though i suffered a deep gash.lol.real funny.in e end i took it off during lesson time.it wasnt too merciful on my leg hair.LOL.anyways,perhaps frm e fall,i kinda had giddy spells during Maths.so was fallling into slp throughout e lesson.hardly paid attention.it continued during Eng.so was reali feeling rather irritable.but aft sch it got better n i joined a grp of frens over to a nearby street soccer court to catch a soccer tournament.games were superb.top-notch.i hav to say.got home reali late though.but managed to escape my mum's nagging.lol.den for Todae,pretty much blew past.but one incident during recess reali made me felt sick.as usual,e nuclear bomb was involved.(when isnt he?)he was referring to one thing when another girl tot othwise.so he flared up n began shoutin all kinds of vulgarities tat wuld even make a typical Ah Beng lose his face.jeez.n his vulgarities were aimed at e GIRL.a girl.can u imagine a guy using vulgarities on a girl.wat ever happened to manners?proper gentlemanly ways?all tat seems to be thrown out of e window when he did tat.simply sick.i wished i culd jus punch him in e face.but i hav to control myself.cant let anythin affect my concentration for e 'O's.but if u were thre,i bet u wuld feel exactly e same.very irritating indeed.completely on my nerves.sickening act for a guy.den aft sch,had to attend a Chem Prac.pretty boring one,cuz alot burning was involved,so not much changes was observed.lol.well aft tat,proceeded over to TP to hav lunch.unfortunately,e nuclear bomb decided to tag along.obviously i was pissed.as usual his actions irritated me n got me so much on my nerves i was TIS close to exploding.thkfully i hav frens to help calm me down.thks guys.i jus dun undstd whether if for one sec,if he didnt shout,wuld he die?den i seriously wish i culd stop him from shouting.so he can die.jeez.dun blame me for being evil or cruel.but if u noe him long enugh as i hav.i culd bet my whole life on u doing e exact same thing.jus 4more mths of endurance.yes.jus 4mths.well.gtg peeps.thre's a Chem Test tmw.yup.so tc all.
=blog out=

Friday, July 15, 2005 0 comments

Hey thre.its another sch week tat has closed.lets see.Todae seems to b e day of all moods for me.firstly,anxiety was filled in me as i got ready for sch as it was e 'O' LvL chinese listenin compre.was pretty nervous abt it.den during Art,was elated n relieved to noe tat my final piece(which is on e wooden board)of my coursework was considered done.finished.end of paintin.done deal.lol.abt time anyway.been waitin for tis day for a long long time.anyway was reali glad tat it was over n done wit.now i've left wit my prep work.a little more relaxed.definitely somethin im been lookin foward to.as u all noe,i need all e time in e world to brush up my maths.so finishin tis coursework of mine has always been on e top of my 'to-do list'.now tat its close to completion,i can look foward to more maths practices.which is exactly wat i need.lol.enugh on Art.den aft sch,decided to pop over to TP to hav lunch bfore e exam.wat happened durin e trip thre pissed me off so much i almost exploded.thkfully wit e help of some frens n myself,i didnt crack.damn.let me explain.we were on e bus,on our way to e venue when a sea of pri sch kids boarded e bus.being pri sch kids,some of e boys were a little over mischievious.one of tem were playin playfully wit a hand-made arrow.he playfully aimed at few of e passengers,which unfortunately,included to e two timebombs.(refer to previous posts to get a clearer idea.).he aimed at one of tem,which was followed by loud shoutin by one of e timebombs.at tis point,i was already irritated by tis childish n mindless act.wat was abt to follow made me felt worse.as apparently,e oth timebomb got angry,he tot of teachin e boy a little lesson by throwin e arrow(which was a pencil)straight at him.once i heard tis,i became so agitated tat i shouted at him to stop.thkfully he probably heard it n didnt do anythin.jeez.come on.e little boy's jus a pri sch boy wo is jus a little over playful.so wat if he aimed e arrow at u?does tat warrant u to punish him?e pri sch kids in e bus were already noisy enugh wit their loud banter,but e timebombs jus made it worse by shoutin loudly n crudely.tis reali made me felt so ashamed tat tis were actuali my frens.it made me felt sick in e stomach.real sick.now,im jus waitin.4 more mths.4 more mths till e 'O's r over.once its over,im gonna cease e frenship.in fact,im already waitin impatiently.n jus to let u peeps noe,tis isnt e first incident.similar incidents hav taken place bfore.i dun care if tey find out tat im writin abt tem.damn it,i'll rather tey find out so i can end tis shit earlier.well,thkfully it didnt completely ruined my mood for e listenin compre as i was made to feel better by e radio station's DJ.lol.spoke wit a real funny french accent.laughed my ass off naturally.so did many in my class.lol.hmm.hav to say tat e listenin compre wasnt so bad.wells,i'll end off here.tc peeps.peace out.
=blog out=

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 0 comments

Heys..sch's started again.!so boring.lols.anyways.start of tis week,which was ystd,got to noe when im gonna hav my listenin compre.n its official.its tis fri.argh!!oly last thurs i had my oral,n now 8days later i hav a listenin compre.sick.real sick.damn..well ystd was reali kinda boring.esp when it came to Hist.man,i dunno is it me,or is Hist gettin more n more boring?dun get me wrong.e subj is great.full of interestin past to learn abt.but if e teacher actuali reads out almost e whole chp in a MONO tone for at least 1hr plus.well..all i can say is,its not teachin anymore.rather,its wat i wuld call LECTURING.jeez.i rather attend SS den Hist nowadays.lol.so for 2hrs ystd,i was fightin a losin battle wit e sandman.lol.well,as for Todae,it pretty much blew past real quickly.had a POA test todae,n it was a little screwed up.aft e test was Maths,which was not too bad.n den Chem n Art was reali fast.n sch was over.jus lyk tat.one of e fastest sch day i ever had.BUT,it was dragged on.had a meetin wit Mr Lee.n its reali a crappy meetin.was abt settin a booth on Fren Fiesta.guess wat was his suggestion?settin up a IT quiz booth.!for cryin out loud,wo in e rite frame of mind wuld PAY to take a quiz?jeez.a reali dumb suggestion.but since we didnt hav better ones,we didnt hav a choice.so now im supposed to get 4qns(20 total.divided by 5ppl)on IT n tey r supposed to be tough.i mean TOUGH.lets hope at least one stupid soul will come to our booth.well.aft tat a few of my frens n i headed over to TP to hav lunch.it was reali fun as we had loads n loads of laughter on our topic on e weird stuff happenin in sch.lol.absolutely hilarious.anyways,tats abt all for Todae.i'll end off here wit a little joke i found in e papers todae.here it goes:
A cardiologist died n was given a elaborate funeral.A huge heart covered in flowers stood behind e casket during e service.Followin e eulogy,e heart opened n e casket rolled inside.Den e heart closed,sealin e doc in e beautiful heart forever.At tis point,one of e mourners suddenly burst into laughter.When all eyes stared at him,he said"Sorry,im jus tinkin abt my own funeral.im a gynaecologist."Tat was when e proctologist,a doc tat specialises in diseases of e rectum n anus,fainted.
Well,tats all.tc peeps.peace out
=blog out=

Friday, July 08, 2005 0 comments

Sups?Todae happens to b e last day of another sch week.i'll start off tis post wit a little story on 'when technology pulls a fast one on u'
"A door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners knocks on a door.a lady opens e door,bfore she culd say or do anythin,e salesman was in e hse in a flash n starts dumpin beef patties all over e floor.He said"Miss,if tis vacuum cleaners doesnt clean tis mess up,i'll eat every chunk of it."E lady den turns to him n says"do u wan ketchup on tat?"E salesman replied,"Wy is tat so?"She said,"Well,jus to tell u tis,we've jus moved in n we haven got any electricity turned on yet."
Lols.it sure cracked me up.anyways,jus to reali start on todae,e day in sch started wit a speech contest.n of cuz,thre's no speech contest without e best speaker in BPS,my pal,Eoin aka BOSS.he started off e contest,n man,he's jus damn good.e ability to speak in front of a 1,000plus crowd without breakin into sweat n als e ability to crack jokes n keep his speech serious as well is jus plain amazin man.e oth contestants werent too bad.esp one in particular.but still,e trophy still had to go to Eoin.quite a one-sided contest i mus say.lols.den e day jus progressed on,CHem,den Art..was reali bored n culdnt wait for e final bell to ring.den once aft sch,went over to TP to hav lunch n als to celebrate e BOSS's victory wit a grp of frens.(talk abt killing two birds wit one stone.lols)anyways,we got our food real quickly.(was real hungry.!)n jus sat ard talkin abt all kinds of stuff.jus slackin ard.den a stupid situation arose.a veri stupid one in fact.as i've mentioned in one of my earlier post,e time bomb was wit us tis time,n boy,did he change himself to a nuclear reactor.jeez.jus bcuz of a guy some sort of 'starin' at his direction,he assumed it to be targeted at him.(for cryin out loud,DUN assume.u make an ass out of u n me when u assume.)n henceforth,he tried to pick a fight wit e poor bugger wo didnt noe wat hit him.thkfully e matter was resolved without any violence.but damg was already done.not physically but psychologically.i reali pity e victim.completely innocent,n worse still,he had his gf wit him.how humiliated he mus hav felt in front of her.n e poor girl was cryin for her bf's safety.i dun undstd wy i hav such a b*****d as a fren.jeez.i rest my case.he's gone frm worse to worst.completely helpless now.no one can help him oth den himself now.anyways,once e matter was resolved,i immediately asked for a quick exit.was already embrassed enugh.headed home straight aft tat.well,i tink tis shuld be long enugh for u,BOSS.lols.gotta go.tc peeps.
=blog out=

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 0 comments

Back.!haven been bloggin for awhile due to a cutoff of my internet connection.well,since e last time i blogged,sch has started,a new 'home room' system has been implemented n i mus say tat its pretty good.at least now we dun get stuck in jus one room for e whole day.its not as boring as bfore.ever since sch has started,been bombarded wit lots of work.its definitely essential for our preparation for our upcoming 'O's.so far so good.well.so far tat is.hopefully i can last e distance.worse thing is,tmw's my chinese oral for e 'O's.n im not reali prepared at all.but gotta get thrugh it fast.dun wanna let it hang at e bck of my head.nth much to reali blog abt.too much in fact.dun noe whre to start.Todae was kinda boring day.e day jus passed on wit its alternating pace.aft sch went over to TP to hav lunch wit some frens,n stayed thre for awhile longer to do some maths sums.reali hav to start on my poor maths.lol.well.guess i'll end it here.tc peeps.
=blog out=

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