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Whoo! Another week's just gone like that.I don't know if its me or its that the weeks recently have flew by really quickly.Shucks.Worse thing is,the faster the weeks go by,the nearer the Semester-end exams loom.But on the bright side,it also signals the upcoming 7-week break everyone I know so desired!

Ahh,I'm finally feeling the stress it seems.For the workload's ever-increasing,whilst some of my friends in other courses are already looking foward to their long break.Dang.Tons of work yet to be done,I must really do plenty of catching-up.Worse thing is,I'm so struggling with my Maths module,and it sucks really.I never liked Maths,and I probably never will.Hmm that sounds familiar,I think I talked about this a million times when I was in Secondary school.

Camp photos are out! But dang the luck,I forgot I don't have a scanner,and there goes the posting of the pictures here.Dang it.Never mind,shall wait for JasmineGL to scan them and send it over.So till then,will the pictures arrive! I watched the videos in the Cd,and man it brings back great memories.Sigh I really miss camp.The atmosphere,the cheers,the fun and laughter,and most importantly,THE PEOPLE.Oh well,the impending break reeks of camps,so I'm pretty glad that I can re-live camp spirit. :)

Was actually feeling extremely EMO on Saturday,because I did badly in the physical test for fencing.I sucked,literally.I got so down I just went nuts thinking of things that are so "out-of-point".Dang.But I dusted myself off and picked myself up,because that's what I have to do in future,I'm not so lucky to have a girlfriend to share my woes with,BUT! My buddies will do,thank you very much.Hmm I don't even know why I typed that.Oh well.Thinking too much.Drifting away from topic.

Ok,I don't know if its me,or it's just that whenever I'm with Hannah,we seemed to just have friends that are inter-connected,like "Hey! You know Samuel?" or "Oh? You know Hannah too?".Seriously this little island of ours is INDEED a small country after all.Coincidences never cease I tell you.

And so,that's about it for the past week I suppose,looking foward to this new week,just like I've always been.Alright,gotta go rush out my assignments and projects.Cheers!

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If I Fall.

Before I let this blog of mine get tagged as a 'dead blog',I guess it's about time to update a little.

My workload's getting bigger! Like about time,my friends would tell me,and I suppose so.I mean,they have been busier than me before this so I guess I should'nt be complaining about it.But then again,I seriously would'nt mind a bit of work,at least it does'nt make me turn into some lazy bum.And so,with the mountainous workload that's about to descend on me,I guess the regularity of updates are just going to get lower.Ahh well,my Semester-end Examinations are coming up in about 3weeks' time and Christ I'm seriously struggling with some of my modules.

I need to buckle down and work even harder now.Or I could end up repeating modules which I'M ABSOLUTELY AGAINST.Nono I cannot do that.Work and study hard I must.

Hmm,should I go on about Fencing again?It's even beginning to sound like some cliched kind of thing to me already.But anyways,the seniors have promised a touger training regime,which coincides with the upcoming friendlies and competitions.And so,I'm pretty hopeful of getting fitter after all that training.With the goal of "Being the NO.1 sport in NP" set by our club advisor,ahh well,the tougher trainings are probably inevitable.Ohh well.

Sometimes looking at how some of my friends are currently going through some bad patches in their relationships,I just hope that only good comes out of their relationships.I hate to see sad people.Ahh well,personally speaking I don't think I'm ready for another,maybe whatever Micheal told me the other day actually made sense after all.Whoa,too much info here.Enough about relationships.Most of the time it makes you emo.And that's exactly what I'm absolutely avoiding.Bah.

Bahh,thinking too much again,I need a good workout or read.They're my best escapes.Not forgetting my buddies as well of course.Tomorrow's training should prove to be that.

Lastly,FOC camp photos are out! Finally,after an eternity of waiting! The memories and friends forged during the camp will never be forgetten.I'll upload them when I get them this Fri,so till then,Cheers!

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Fine fine,perhaps I haven't been updating recently,but hey,busy what.So can't help it.Anyway,work's indeed piling up for me,although still,its a lot lesser compared to my friends in other courses.If I were to be stuck with their workload,I'll probably be dead by now.Oh well,at least now I know that whatever they said about poly being slack and everything?They're all lies man.
Saturday,said my goodbyes to a friend from overseas,as he takes his leave from S'pore over to the States to study.The things rich people can do.Anyway,took some pictures while on a visit to his place,and him living right smack in the middle of town and on the 23rd storey,well,how can I miss out on the magnificient view?

View from Anthony's place.Beautiful ain't it?

Taken from the ground level,its just my favourite of the lot.

Night-time view of the city.Maybe I should take up

And so,it wasn't any tear-filled farewell,but indeed,a good friend's gonna be missed.Bon voyage,Anthony.

Let's see,somehow I can't describe how today have been,as I went from the exhilaration of being able to have no CAD class today to the pain I felt when I dropped my laptop.Christ.Behold the dent in the aftermath.

Ouch I say.And the thing is,this laptop's barely a year old,in fact to be exact,its only 3months old.The carelessness of it all.Dang.

I guess this entry's gonna be pretty long,but what the heck,you all wanted an update what!Anyway,before I sound so repetitive and long-winded,Fencing's gonna be part of my life soon,if not now.As the foil team gets more bonded,the happier and at ease with each other everyone seems to be.That can only be a good thing.GO Fencing!!

And to conclude this long entry of mine,I just can't wait for the Semester break to arrive,for the events to look foward to;Fencing Camp,OBS camp,Class chalet,more hang-out sessions,etc.I just know that this 7week break's gonna be an eventful and fun-filled one.So,till then,cheers!

Monday, July 10, 2006 0 comments


A view from inside the library,and yes,you can probably guess where I am at the moment while blogging.Practical cancelled,all of a sudden we were given an unexpected surprise.Obviously a good one that's for sure.So thankfully for the library,a place to while your time away,either in waste or in good cause.Well,I did a little of both,wasting time on watching Russell Peters videos,but getting a hell of a laugh.Good thing too,that I have a bit of spare time over here to blog,for I foresee a terribly busy week,with assignments;etc looming ahead and definitely a mad rush to get them completed.

Still,I guess I should be instead thankful of my workload,compared to my other chums in other courses,polys.Their workload sometimes scare the daylights out of me,its as though it's never-ending.Tsk tsk.But,I would gladly offer any helping hand if needed.

That above's my injury incurred after falling in a gap between drains.Yes,go ahead and laugh your asses off,we do need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.Clumsy,yes.Funny,DEFINITELY.Even I was laughing at myself when I got myself up.Oh well.I must be going blind already.

On the other hand,as always,fencing's such a great escape whenever I feel depressed or stressed out.Being appointed secretary of welfare just feels weird,not that I'm complaining about the extra CCA points though.Although the PR position looks more appealing to me.Hmm.

World Cup fever,I guess you're subsided by now,after last night's Final between the Italians and the French.Congrats to the Italians,winning their fourth World title,Brazil,be wary.

So since I believe that there'll be a busy week ahead,I guess the next update would probably come after the week.So,cheers!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 0 comments

Stay with me.

That's the work of a bored,and I mean really really bored guy.Yup,that's my "work" after boring myself out at the library on Tues.Ahh,it just so reminds me of the blog add.So yes people,please heed "Being hyper beats being Emo"!

The opposite of what I had hoped for happened,and now the workload's starting to increase by the truckloads but thankfully,it's still at the very least still manageable.

So,without my escapades in Hyper and fencing,I would have been exhausted from all that work.Ok,lah maybe it was'nt that bad.Anyway,fencing's been focusing on plenty of PT(Physical Training)and I will be quite shocked if I dont acheive a Silver at least for my Napfa at the end of my 3years.Still,I really love the feeling of catching for your breath,its such a great stress-reliever.

Well I've been pretty clumsy today,letting my right leg fall into a gap between a drain.The end result was'nt pretty-left me with some cuts and scratches.Ahh well,I wonder if its the stress of the work or the rigourous training regime of fencing that's making me so 'blur'.Oh well.

Ok,I've updated.So be happy my dear girl.Ok thats random again.Too much random-ness already.Cheers!

It's like a photograph,

a moment froze in time,

I'm staring at your face,even when I close my eyes.

Sunday, July 02, 2006 0 comments

Here we stand.

I told myself to blog since Friday,but well,I guess I was a little too caught up with other things to do so.Anyway,its a Sunday,and here I am,bored out at home,while my family went out to meet some friend of my dad.Not being anti-social,but I just didnt feel like being out(this is rare!).Oh well,since Im home,might as well make the best use of the time I have on my hands.

Anyway,yesterday's breakfast and lunch were simply excellent,as I spent it with two of my best buds.Good ol' times will never be missed.And the great hilarious and ridiculous banter was present as always,and its just G-R-E-A-T.I guess friends you've forged friendships with for almost the span of either 2 or 4 years are really much different from friends you've barely known for a year.In fact,its not even a year yet.I'm being stupid here I know,because thats common sense.But well,I sure do miss my buddies.We can just click with a snap of the fingers really.And I do mean quite literally.

Ahh.School's first week after the term break is over,and it felt like it never was there.A relatively quick one,and considering the 6weeks left before Semester-end exams,well,its sure fast.The adrenaline rush's back I assure you.

And basically,there's no better outlet to de-stress other than Fencing,and personally I just can't agree more.The non-stop of pushing limits,physically and mentally,its just really a great feeling.Especially after you've ran like crazy,that fast-paced heart beating.Christ,its an unbelieveable feeling.Fencing/my loves.

World Cup's coming to an closure soon,and only the Semi-finals and Final itself stand before all the europhia of this great soccer event comes to an end.World Cup 2010,anyone?

So,its time to look ahead to a new week,hopefully filled with fun and not boredom(Not that this week was a bore anyway.) but nonetheless,its definitely great if it keeps on being that way.Feeling emo's so distant,I don't think I'll recognise that feeling anymore.Good riddance.Well,cheers!

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