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Alright, I've a feeling this is going to be one of the longest post so far, so I better get started.

Let's start off from Saturday's Fencing friendly held at Tanglin Secondary.It was a really enriching experience, competition-wise, well I have to admit we didnt do to expectations, but still, considering it was our first exposure to the competition level, it was a really good and enjoyable experience. Results-wise, I'll rather not talk about it, cause it's quite a embrassing score, BUT! I must really hail Yazid, cause whatever possessed him to score 15 POINTS in one bout was just plain unbelieveable. All Hail Yazid! Maybe incidents prior to his bout or during his bout spurred him on, but heck, 15 points in one bout?! That's madness, lah. In any case, I've to get down to the basics and train like 9218479217 times harder, so I'll be good enough by the time the next competition comes!

Enough of that, let's move on to Sunday's T3 dinner outing! It was really fun-filled, not to forget laughter-filled too! Special thanks to Hafiz for bringing the lot of us to this place at Arab Street. It had a really soothing ambience, such a great place for chilling out or relaxing after a long day's of work. I can't wait for the pictures to be sent over. T3 lets have another outing soon! And this time sooner compared to the duration of the last outing to this recent one. Oh well. You get the point, lah.

After all that, its 1F01's chalet held yesterday till today! It has been some time since I last saw some of them, and this chalet could'nt have come at a better timing. The class, well not the whole class, consisted of Myself, Micheal, Liao Fan, Milton, KL, Richard, Le Hui, Emily, Hui Shi, Shawn, Pei Xuan, Allison, Wenli. The missing ones, well, you've missed out! We had fun cycling around the park nearby, the wind-blowing-in-your-face feeling was fantastic. I guess the REAL fun began at night, when we 'tao pok-ed' Richard twice, was thankful I wasn't anywhere near the bottom of the pile, or else I'll probably be flattened like a pancake. LOL. After the jumping on each other, we played Indian Poker, with Vodka Absolute as the forefeit. FYI, that's 40% alcohol content. Now, prior to the game, I downed two mixtures with Richard, with the mixture containing more vodka then Pepsi. As if that was'nt enough, I had to down another two more cups. That was it, I got wasted along with Liao Fan and Richard. So the three drunk asses got themselves wasted and puked like crap, with me starting the queue. LOL. Thank god there was'nt any hangover, but the feeling of being wasted just felt so bad. And I want to thank those sober ones who helped cleaned up and taking care of us. THANKS!! Pictures will be uploaded soon, you'll probably be able to see how I look when I'm drunk. LOL.

Got home today, at about 9am, crashed on my bed and slept till 3:30pm. Tell me about hangovers. Oh wells.

edited/ Oh well, then again, I guess I can upload the photos after all. LOL. I'm too lazy to put captions, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy n Cheers!

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Shut your eyes.

Well, well, well. Haven't been blogging in a while, but thats because I've been so freaking packed with activities the past week. MADNESS I tell you. Ok, before I begin blogging about the past week's happenings, I've been tagged by Mat. AGAIN! Well, here it goes.

7 random things about myself:
1.I'm actually quite an emo person.But I only display that at home.
2.I hate rainy days.Cause that means being indoors.
3.I sleep beside my foil.But no, I'm straight.
4.I'm an impulsive shopper. I like, I buy. LOL
5.I love sitting down at a spot and talking crap with my buddies.
6.I hate techno. Seriously.
7.I'm crazy over tanning. Give me more SUNNY days.

7 things that scare me:
1.Being alone. That sucks man.
2.Dying with regrets.
3.Having fair skin. Its unhealthy. right hyper?
4.Being poor.
5.Not being able to fence.
6.Losing my loved ones.
7.I can't think of any more.

7 random songs at the moment:
1.Stay with me-Finch.
2.Run- Snow Patrol
3.You make me love you...more - Don Philip
4.Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden
5.Letters to you - Finch
6.I want you- Electrico
7.Gimme that- Chris Brown

7 things I like most:
1.My friends!
2.Fencing. It drives me.
3.Cheering other people up whenever I can.
4.Reading, Blogging.
5.Sports. Which means the SUN!
6.Making new friends.
7.Tanning. Enough said.

7 people to do this:
1.Babe! Muahaha.
Thats it,lah.

Ok.Finally done! Well it has been quite a hectic week so far.I better start or else I'll never end.

Hanged out with my buddy Kenneth, on Monday, and it was great to hang out again together after such a long time of absence. Laughed, had fun. Bumped into plenty of familiar faces. So much so we decided that the day should be named "Familiar Faces Day". LOL

Training on Tuesday! The original plan of PT was changed, we had some drill training instead headed by Rus. It was a refreshing change, and it helped. I felt better fencing-wise after the drills. Good one.

Wednesday. ETNIKA outing! We decided on Sentosa, at Siloso beach. After my continous promotion of it, by saying " Its spacious, good place to tann, good place to play games!". HAHA right Babe? It was hell of a outing! We had a lot of fun sun-tanning, playing ball games like volleyball, soccer; taking loads of pictures. That wasn't the end of it! We headed for the showers and went over to Marina Square to have our dinner(long awaited one!) cause we were practically starving to death at Sentosa. Pizza Hut! Ate like I was starving for weeks, but it felt that way. Pool-ed a little before separating our ways. Etnika-ians! Lets have another outing real soon yeah?

Training again on Thursday. Coach Henry came over as usual, and we did Free Fencing! Thats my favourite part of training. The highlight of the day definitely was watching Coach fence. He's so damn good you'll freak out watching him. Just like me and the others. So bloody fast. He ain't a national fencer for nothing man! Gave a few pointers to us, which will be helpful for the friendly competition tomorrow. Got sabo-ed by my team mates to be captain. WTH.

Alrighty, basically today was just the typical 'slack at home' day. Trying to psyche myself up for tomorrow's friendly, wish me luck!

Thats about it. I'll upload pictures of Wednesday's outing soon! Cheers!

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You could be happy.

WHOOO! Back,finally. From Challengers' Camp '06. *Pictures ahead!* Although some are in the midst of being sent over. Let the pictures speak first,shall we?

Etnika! Thats the name of my group!

Etnika again! Smile!

That's Babe,Roy n Me. I look so forced. LOL

The clique.Consisting of (from left) Wan,Fa,Me,Babe, Roy. God knows what the hell was I looking at. LOL

The clique again! This time 'armed' with POCKY! HAHA.

The guys of Etnika. No, not all of them of course. But then again, our group's the group with the least guys. LOL

Me n Caryn. It's NICE to have a fellow T3-ian around!

Alrighty. There, that's the photos I have so far. Thanks to the people who took them and sent them over!

Camp was basically the usual fun-ness, making new friends, cheering till you lose your voice, etc. BUT! I still think FOC rocked better, much more. Maybe because this camp's turnout was such a disappointment when compared to FOC. 80plus compared to 400 plus? No match, lah. Oh wells, at least the people in my group was FUN people! Although it took us a little bit longer to bond and get hyper. But basically the skit part was the part whereby everyone truly bonded proper. The games were great-ness, the food, what can I say, it was SUPER! Way better then FOC,lah. Probably the only thing that beats FOC. HAHA. I'm just really really really( 3 reall-ies, wow!) glad to meet the people I met at Challengers'. Wan, Roy, Babe, Fa, Jaime, Yani, Sandra, Winifred, Ai Zhen, Shu En, Joanne, Jonathan, Wilson, Max, Chris, Tiffany, Kerlina, and the Gls in my group, Kid, Jasmine, Omar, Raj. You all ROCK. And others from other groups too, like Stewart, Wei Xuan, Diane and all. HAHA and it was nice to have fellow Titans Gls in my group! Pity T3 Gls werent around. :S

Di,di,di,di,di,di. A baby shark!

Yup.That's for camp. Now for results. Since today's results day. I failed my Hydraulics! Like BOO! I held hopes of just scrapping through, but damn it didnt turn out to be. BOO lah. Now I have to repeat it, and that sucks. Oh well, like I told Babe, no point getting upset and all. I mean, what's the point right? Wish me luck for next Semster yah?

There, that's all about it I suppose. Pretty long post, but its deserved since I was away for so long. Alright, cheers people!

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Real Gone.

Alrighty,before I begin,here's something I did since Nick asked me to.
Samuel Tay --

A brand of soylent green breakfast cereal

'How" will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

I find this,well. Interesting and absolutely HILARIOUS. Green breakfast cereal?! Funny stuff, this website has.

Well, I'm gonna be sounding pretty happy in this particular post(well, what do you want? Me sounding all sad and emotional?!). In any case, let me present to you my newly-arrived foil blade!!

Whoo! Now that it has finally arrived( after waiting for 2819748935 years.LOL) I can practice my footwork and attacks and all that stuff at home! At home! Let's hope I don't accidentally stab anyone,especially that brother of mine. HA.

Ok,fencing aside, since I would be missing two trainings in a row! Can't believe it? Believe it cause even if I love fencing to death I can't help missing trainings because.Because of Camp of course! Challengers Camp! I'm sure hoping that it's a fun-filled 4 days ahead.Yes. You didnt read wrongly, its FOUR DAYS. Away from the comfort of my bed, my beloved laptop too. I'm gonna miss home. LOL

Still on the job-hunt! Well actually our names were taken down ( both Me and Micheal) yesterday at the Nike shop at Bugis Junction. Let's hope they call us soon. Real soon. I'm in desperate need of $$$$! You can't blame me, its just the typical world out there,lah.

There, that's about it. I will be back after the camp! Hopefully in one piece. Cheers!

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Alrighty,time to do something I enjoy,Blogging! Its late I know,but what the heck,who cares huh?

Let's get down to work! Well let's start with the bad news, shall we? *NEWSFLASH* The all-famous Australian great, Documentarian Steve Irwin a.k.a Crocodile Hunter passed away on Monday, 4th September. He was unfortunately stung by a stingray's barb tail on his heart,which proved to be fatal.Its a tragic loss,to the entertainment and wildlife world.Deepest condosolences.
Personally,I've always enjoyed his documentaries on Animal Planet,where he shows his unbelieveable bravery in getting close and personal with crocs and other dangerous animals,with his famous catch phrase, " Crikey! ".Getting to know of his death was at first a big shock, because the last thing I would imagine happening to him was dying,and worse still, by a stingray! How life can be so unpredictable at times, tsktsk. He's gonna be missed, thats for sure.

Ok,enough about all that sad and emo stuff,it kills too.Its officially the third week of the hols,and somehow, its really saddening to be without a job, cause in a way, that particular $ sign's a language too.Sooooo, yes, I'm once again on the hunt for a job. yes again.

*Ponders*.Hmm.Oh yah,caught a movie on Monday,with Hannah."The Devil Wears Prada".In any case,it was quite an enjoyable movie, although I must say it wasn't really my type of a movie, but it proved to be quite a witty and at times,funny movie too. So I would probably give it a 3.5stars out of 5, for its story and of course,the menacing bossy "devil".Lol.

And as for fencing,I'm gonna be getting my foil blade this,wait,its tomorrow! I've probably waited 149814718 years for it to arrive, and finally, its here! Ok, I could have gotten it last Thursday, but dang it I forgot to bring the money. Oh wells, at least I'm getting it tomorrow! *grins*

Okokok,its getting super duper late, I need my precious sleep,but before I end off, here's a trailer clip of "Gridiron Gang ", a upcoming movie( I hope its gonna be aired in Singapore) featuring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and Xzibit.It's an insipirational sort of movie, something like 'Remember The Titans'. I just loveeee this sort of movies. Great stuff. Enjoy and Cheers!

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Get up.

Great,just great.Got tagged again! And by jasmineGL again! wth.LOL,well the post for today will come after the questionaire.

One:Do the following without complaints
Two:Choose 5 persons to do this after you have completed yours.
Three:Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she has been tagged.

Favourite colour-Preferably black,or white.
Favourite food-I really love pasta,but I'm with others as well.(This is beginning to sound like a game I played this afternoon,right germaine?LOL)
Favourite sport-Any sport,as long as it gets your adrenaline pumping!
Favourite day of the week-No preference,since all the days seem the same to me.
Favourite ice-cream-Chocolate chip?(This is really similiar to the game I played! LOL)
Favourite Tv shows-Plenty,lost count already.
Current mood-A little emo,a little hyper.mixed feelings.
Current taste-Minty? I just brushed my teeth LOL.
Current clothes-Plain tee-shirt n shorts,comfy.*grins*
Current desktop-My desktop's screwed,so my laptop's the desktop for now,having the sentosa picture.
Current toenail colour-Errrr.Next please.
Current time-1:02 a.m. it's getting late.
Current annoyance-Not really any at the moment,probably my sun burns at my back.
Current thought-A lot.Thinking a lot.Shucks I hate it when I brood.
First best friend-Can't remember,lah.It's been so long.
First crush-This girl in primary two? Can't remember what her name was.
First movie-I tried to remincise,but to no effect.Too bad.
First lie-Which one?LOL
First music-Some song by the Bee Gees? My dad's a huge fan.
Last cigarette-Sorry,but I DONT touch them.
Last drink-I missed drinking,like about a month ago?
Last car ride-In my dad's taxi?
Last crush-Nah,eye candies are better.Way better.
Last phone call-Leonard calling to ask where we were when we were in front of him.LOL
Last cd played-Too long already.Please move on with the times,its Mp3s now.
Have you ever dated one of your best friends-Nah,never.
Have you ever broken the law-Not yet,still a good citizen ambassador.LOL
Have you ever been arrested-Must I repeat myself?This getting tiresome.
Have you ever skinny dipped-No,I'm probably too skinny to do so.LOL
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know-No,well,not that I remembered.

OK! Finally done with that.Quite boring actually,I still preferred the music player one.It was way more interesting.Oh well.

A week's almost over! Time really flies sometimes.Been mainly involved with fencing this week,and it's a great feeling to be back at one of my escapcades.However,I'm pretty disappointed to find out that my fencing camp's been postponed to 7th Oct,which concidentally ends on the day I leave for OBS.Madness.

Training-wise,I guess I complained enough of Tuesday's session,I'll hate to repeat myself again,in short,I'll just cut this particular person some slack since its his first time leading us.Oh well.As for today's,its definitely way better,with some free fencing under my belt,its good to be fencing again,after that long break we had.

I've been made secretary of the club's Treasury&Welfare committee,no thanks to you Germaine! Always sabo-ing me! Now I'm tasked with so much shit errands,of course not literally.In what way do I look like a secretary to you? LOL, I'll remember you for this,Germaine!

Alright,before I end off this post,I would like to wish my teachers,especially my Maths teacher,Ms Teo,HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! Your continued pushing and guidance helped,so thank you.

There,all done,have to been going to do my so called 'shit work' already,tsktsk.Cheers!

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