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Schedule's been tight,and that explains the rare sights of my latest entries.The past week's been laden with endless attempts at job-hunting,frequent visits to poly,and the very special podcast recording over at Kian's has been quite an eventful week,filled with plenty of priceless moments I wouldnt exchange anything for.
The uncountable times spent on job-hunting has definitely hit home.time's running out,as I look over at the coming weeks' committments,like camps,orientation and school finally starting.And as things go,I guess I'm stuck with the unwanted decision to only get a job proper when school begins.The current financial straits my family's going through obviously isnt helping.oh well,life must go on.
Although I've not been 'officially' tagged as a NP student,I already daresay I feel like one,with the almost daily trips to the poly.Be it for camp registration purposes,laptop enquiries or financial enquiries.Of course,the regularity of those visits sure helped me to familiarise myself more to the school and it'll definitely help to enable me to adapt to poly life faster.And yes,this dreary existence in life is just making me more impatient for school to start.I can't wait.
Lastly,the great overnight stay at Kian's really enabled me to understand more of the word "nocturnal",as we battled fatigue to do our recording.This little get-together really was a meaningful one,as we literally found out a little more about each other.And the recording was absolutely brilliant,filled with limitless fun and laughter,so if you're invited to a recording in future,dont give this chance a miss.To really find out more about this podcast,hop over to Kian's blog and listen to it,the episodes just get better and better.
Another week is about to come to an end,and I'm really hoping for more gatherings before school starts,be it class ones or just a typical friends' get-together.leave me a message and I'll be more or less available.till then,cheers!
Recommendation of the day-I should have put this up long ago,if you're feeling listless or just pure depressed,go over to Kian's blog and listen to their podcasts.If it doesnt crack you up,I dont know what will.

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Life belts me up the side of the head once again.

Well,the long wait has finally been over!in case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about,its none other than the registration package from NP.listening to friends going to the likes of SP,TP,etc. get their packages earlier made me so impatient for mine.and well,I'm glad to say,the wait's over.Although I must say,I'm pretty surprised at the amount of documents required to be done,as compared to my friends over at the other polys,its amount is actually dwarfed by the other fact,instead of filling in my personal particulars,medical history,etc. in hard copy,I only need to do that about conveniences.
Still on the terrible trail of job-hunting,and the past week,has,unfortunately,been rather unsuccessful.I'm just so sick of going back to hearing the same old answer,"Oh,we thank you for your application and will call you as soon as your application's successful.".Damn.quite ridiculous dont't you think?when another,and this really tops everything,says,"We will definitely call you,because we understand how you feel when people dont't honour their words.".how nicely said.up to now?no calls.I rest my case.
However,it was definitely great to get a little sun out there today.played soccer with some mates,and hell,the body's showing it,signs of long lost fitness.already panting like a dog just halfway through the game.I need the fitness and tan back!
Well,guess I'll end here.cheerios!

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Whenever i feel as though i've hit the bottom,someone throws me a shovel.

Its pretty darn late now,but with the new blogskin on(with the immense help of Yonghua),I just feel that a entry had to be in.As seen above in my title today,it has'nt been a smooth-sailing time for me at the moment.but I dont really want to elaborate further on it,in case I'm accused of whining all day long of my greviances.
After taking a look at my bud Scott's latest entry,I guess a tribute made to my close friends and buddies for the past 4 years and counting,well,should be without further delays,lets begin,shall we?
It has been quite some 4years spent at BPS,I must say,filled with uncountable incidents filled with laughter,fun,and plenty of strong friendships forged.
to Kenneth Chen-man,its been what?4years already?it just seems so yesterday when I first took the iniative to say a "Hi",which therefore began our friendship.we've probably gone through whatever kinds of little quarrels and fights friends experience.hell,even whatever Best Friends have experienced.and here we are,our friendship holding strong,and I'm pretty proud and glad to have you as a buddy of mine.Your contagious laughter never fail to lighten up anyone's day.and I mean it.and of course,all the crap and troubles we got ourselves into were loaded with the word,"fun".that's for sure.
to Eoin-ok,maybe it wasnt 4years for us,but then again,the 2years we spent were as good as the longer 4years.your immense maturity,well,we wouldnt call you "BOSS" for nothing now,would we?has been a really great characteristic of yours which helped me solve countless dilemmas,not to mention a great sense of humour,which helps to lighten up tense or boring situations.and finally,what more about your English?I think enough have been said about it.just this phrase from a teacher of mine will do."your english's at least a university standard one."
to Scott-bro,3 years huh?could still remember the first time you stepped into 2e4,looking a little "blur" before settling down on your seat.the next thing I knew,we were already deep in conversation as though we were some long lost friends.the good ol' long conversations regarding almost anything under the sun,were,in a way,'ll probably be embedded in my mind for a long time to come.
to Yonghua-your smile never fails to light up a person's day.we shared some good secrets,but plenty of banter as advices to each other seems to be the norm,and I really appreciate it when you lend a listening ear to my troubles.THANKS!hahs.
to Riyani-sitting beside you for the past 2 years have taught me plenty on what is it like to be a foreign student,and a rich one at that.hahs.your undeniable artistic talent during art lessons never fail to amaze me.what more can I say?and of course,when you and Anthony starts going on in your Indonesian conversation,I guess my puzzled looks will always make the both of you laugh.
to Jens-same primary school,same secondary school,and now,same poly and same course!when will concidences ever cease?well,I guess it has been a great time having you as a friend,whenever your laughter begins,it normally starts a chain reaction.and when it comes to skating,well,here is a guy whose skills bar none.dont ever try to compete with'll be thrashed beyond recongition.hahs.and of course,the TNT adventures we had?would love to relive them again.
I'm beginning to sound naggy,so if I did miss out on anyone else,you're definitely not forgotten.only always remembered.and so as I end off my entry here,I would like to give my overdue thanks to the teachers of mine for the past 4years,friends and buddies included.cheers!
Recommendation of the day-if you're into tech and gadgets,do not give the IT fair at Suntec a miss!its till this Sun,12/03.its bargains galore,so dont miss it!

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We can only do it for the scars and stories,not the fame.

"What course did you go to?","What poly did you go to?","Did you make it to the poly?".just some of the dozen questions I had to answer yesterday as the JAE results were out.some went as early as 7:20am to check the results,as for myself,due to the eccentric nature of my computer,had to shuttle over to a nearby friend's place.On the bright side,well,yeah,I managed to get myself to a poly,at NP,some architecture course,which just happens to be my 8th choice.on the darker side,just witnessing some really good and close pals of mine whom didnt make it,just makes the whole thing not worth celebrating at all.
In fact,I was just as down as the ones whom didnt make it.I can almost feel their with that in mind,headed over to RP with a friend to make his appeal through Dae.what I didnt expect was to watch in shock as the place began filling up.I seriously didnt believe the amount was that great.I would be heading down to the other polys along with friends to continue the Dae process,which I myself would probably be giving a try as well,because on the happy note,yes,I did make it into the poly,but again,it wasnt what I really wanted,so instead,I would be appealing for a course that I would be more looking foward to.
On a more happier note,I've been feeling what it's like to be unemployed for the past few days,and it hasnt been too bad.Caught a movie with Ken,Kian and Eoin on Wed,the movie was "Final Destination 3."the death scenes was pretty graphic,but overall,the movie was really dampened by the poor ending.I would personally give it a 6/10 rating.unfortunately,as Kian's blog testifys to that,a idiotic fool had to be right in front of us during the movie,which ruined our mood further with his stupid antics,like covering his eyes during the death scenes,only to shout loudly,"Was it scary?".go watch "Chicken Little",lah,I think the cartoon character has more guts than you do.But it was nice to have a little time to catch up with each other.definitely something I wouldnt want to give it a miss.hopefully there'll be more to come.hahs.
As I end today's entry,I would like to wish those who are appealing(myself included)all the best and best of luck with the appeals.Everyone of you deserves to be in a poly.And let's hope I'll be able to get myself a job soon.hahs.
Recommendation of the day-if you're thinking of catching a movie,instead of "Final Destination 3",I would suggest catching movies like "Munich","Syriana",they're value for money.

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