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Sophmore slump or comeback of the year?

Been some time since I last blogged,well,what'ya expect?nothing to actually motivate me to do so,so.yeah.but looking at the last date I last blogged,I dont want to give the indication that the blog's dead.hahs.
Well,work's been going fine,but it's gotta end someday,and that particular someday just happens to be next tues.drats?nah,in fact,I'm really glad to have a little break off.let's just see,I've been slogging my ass off for probably the past 3months,so a little break is'nt too much to ask for,is it?besides,I'm really starting to get sick of the robotic routine almost every mon to fri.I need a life you know?But,saying that,I'll probably be on the lookout for another job after tues.hey,does'nt that mean I've been contradicting myself?ohh well,what the heck.A higher level of education's on the way and hell,it ain't I'll need to get all the money I can get my hands on.hate living off my parents like some wastrel.enough said.
As for the typical weekend outings with friends and family alike,well,it's been going well,I probably could'nt ask for more.It was nice to hang out with an or rather,both overseas buddies the week before,to "update" on each other's lives.Although for some mates,it has been quite awhile since we last met up,so let's hope a meeting,say,for lunch or a movie,would be on the cards.well,let's hope.
March,03,Friday.looks familiar?now think.why would this fella be talking about this particular day?what's so special about it?well,in case you've forgotten,it happens to be JAE results day,which means those O levels graduates are going to find out which particular course in which particular poly they will be going to.Another date to remember in my phone organizer.
As of 22nd of Feb,Wed,the nation came to know of the unfortunate passing on of the late Mr Rajaratnam,whom I must admit,caused quite a surprise in me when I found out he was the creator of the National I'll look at the pledge in a different light,that of pride and respect.Learning more of his contributions in the past through the papers just made me even more in awe of him,and indeed,the nation has lost a very important figure in the political world.Rest in peace,Mr Rajaratnam.
Well,as I end off my entry here,would like to sound out to the people out there,any great blogskins to recommend?this one's getting a little old and bland,so I would appreciate any help offered.and yes,I've tried looking in Blogskins-it was'nt much.thanks.
Recommendation of the day-get your hands on the latest Yellowcard album,they really sound great.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 0 comments

I must be pretty crazy to be blogging at this time,for your info,its 12midnight at the moment and I have work tomorrow morning bright 'n early.but anyways,D-Day's over,and its definitely a huge relief off my already over pressurized chest.hahs.
The results I've achieved wasnt what I've expected,in both good and bad terms.lets begin with the good side,shall we?guess what?Yours truly actually made it pass Maths!yes,you can stop rubbing your eyes because they arent playing tricks on you,I've passed my Maths!the elation and absolute happiness in me back then was just plain undescribable.of course,the ol' saying that goes"all good things come to an end",definitely came true in my case.failed my Art,although not miserably(thank god).but,heck,its still a darn failing grade I got.and it was suppose to be one of those non-failable(if there's such a word)subjects.damn. much for the anxiety and fear I've accumulated over the days.gone just like that.not that I care for that though.
And after all the jubilation and excitement at each others' aggregate points,comes the dilemma probably everyone is currently facing now till this Wed.which is obviously,the choosing of the courses.what are you going to do in future?is your interest going to get you a job in future?or do you let your interest aside and let practical courses take over your decision?well,for me,the equation is just plain simple.NO INTEREST=NOT CHOSEN.I mean,what's the point of forcing yourself to study a course you have absolutely no interest in for 3 long years?well,that's my personal opinion.and I believe its a fact.isnt it?I've probably studied for 10years,being forced to,thats more like it.and I know that enough is more being forced to study subjects you just simply hate,no more pressure of getting a pass for a subject you suck at.that's what you're gonna decide for the next 3 years of your education.
Well,my dilemma's solved today.rather,tonight.while I've seen others still struggling to make their 12 choices,which I admit,is seriously the next toughest thing to sitting for the "O" to all those whom have not submitted your applications yet,take your're making a decision that is going to affect your choose wisely and whole heartedly.
Guess that's about all,and a Happy Valentines' to every couple out there.enjoy it while it lasts.the day i

Thursday, February 09, 2006 0 comments

My hands are trembling as i type this can i not?the countdown has already begun,and its just less than 24hours before the time where the anticipated yet dreaded "O"s results are going to be handed out to each and every "O" level student.the past few days have just been plain horrible for the likes of me.
ONE-the confirmation of the release of the results,which falls on the 10th(tomorrow).now as if the usual date of end Feb wasnt fast enough,they had to pull it all the way to early Feb.just great,i thought.but the immense fear of facing the music just didnt agree well with my body.
TWO-prior to today,suffered from a very severe case of fever,sore throat and flu.(my parents blaming it all on the fear i was suffering from.)well,thankfully,managed to recover within a day.just glad,really.
It wasnt entirely a bad week i had.there was still the good ol' class gathering i had last SAT,which i wouldnt say,has been a complete success.but who could we blame?it was probably a little too "last minute".but then again,we still had a good bout of banter which was a long lost activity,and we used it well to catch up with each others' lives.prior to the gathering,an impromptu visit was made to NP,where i tried to get as much info in the shortest time possible since we were in a the info i wanted,but seriously,everything hinges on the results tomorrow.and i mean EVERYTHING.
Well,guess i'll be spending this fateful night with my mind filled up with wild thoughts and more wild the good friends of mine out there receiving the results tomorrow,best of luck and all the best.well i probably need it more than you all

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