Tuesday, January 31, 2006 0 comments

What a joke.what a GREAT CNY i had.read:im being sarcastic.well,tis' may not be the season to be jolly,but still,isnt it a time to evoke those hidden feelings of togetherness and happiness?how wrongly it went for me.but seriously,it wasnt THAT horrible.hah.got you in the first few lines didnt i?
Its been quite an eventful few days of CNY for me,as i get to experience what it is like to be a proper Chinese once again.the good ol' reunion dinner,held at my grandparents' place,was filled with endless banter,as we start our annual 'updating' of each other.for the few cousins i have not seen for the past year,its been great to see them again,and catch up on some good ol' times spent during our childhood days.ahh.those were the days.when we would run around and make plenty of noise till our parents were screaming at the top of their lungs.hahs.now its just the sitting around the table in my uncle's room for our banter.great really.
Day One-went house visiting,and the first stop's at my grandparents.wished the usual "Xin Nian Kuai Le".and of course,the most beautiful "red" object during this period of celebration,the "Ang Bao" went straight into my pockets.hah.after that,went over to great-grandma's,and boy,was it jam-packed.
Went over to my dad's friend's place the next day,it was a bore to be there.just imagine of being in a place where there's almost no one to talk to other than your mum and you'll get what im trying to say.
That about sums up my CNY.not that great in people's eyes,but the reunion dinner and the events of Day One more than makes up for it.prior to CNY,paid a visit to Dear at her workplace.havent seen her for awhile.was really happy to see her and talked for awhile while she worked.hah.feel kinda bad doing that.but it was still a nice conversation,though short.
Well,that more or less sums up my entry for today.and classmates of mine,4E3,who happened to be reading this blog of mine,a gathering would be on the cards,so please make yourself free.thanks.tc.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 0 comments

Two weeks to go.thats how much time's left for the likes of "O"levels students to actually enjoy themselves before D-Day itself arrives.how fast.but i think i've been saying that for as long as i remember.well,enough about that.i can already hear Eoin saying "Shut up".hahs.have been going through some tough times,probably one of the toughest i've ever experienced.but thanks to the continuing concern and support of my friends and close ones,i have been to get by it without being overly affected.i extend my extreme gratitude and thanks to those whom helped me through this,you deserve it.and i would like also to leave a message here to those who are also going through some horrible or miserable period of their lives-Dont dwell too much on the past.if you need,look for a good listening ear.it helps.trust me.that's how i managed to solve my problem.-On a happier note,the impending arrival of CNY just manages to stir a little bit of excitment in me as i would be getting the chance to meet up with some cousins of mine whom i've not seen or contacted for the past year.my current job's serving me well also,although it's starting to take a bit of a toll on my body.so in a way,2006 is starting to look that bit brighter ahead.lets hope its for real.anyway,the committment committed to the job has taken much valuble time which could have been spent on meeting up with some good pals of mine.hopefully chances will arise soon,or a proper class gathering before D-Day would certainly be a great idea.that is,if only someone could take the iniative.hahs.hmm.lets just say that would be all for today's entry.to all my Chinese mates out there,have an enjoyable and "ang-bao" laden CNY.tc.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 0 comments

Hey there!it has been a little while since i last blogged,so i suppose there are plenty of stuff to update about.indeed i have.lets look at a summary of what were the highlights for the past weeks.not to mention,its been quite a mixture of feelings for myself for e past week really.well,lets not dwell on the past for the moment.the summary goes like this
-getting myself a new phone.
-getting myself a new job.
-making sure my ears and eyes werent disabled when i heard about the earlier release dates of the dreaded 'O's.
-getting myself to accept the fact that a good teacher of mine,although not close,actually passed away suddenly on Sun 8th Jan.
-trying to comprehend what the hell went wrong with the relationship i had with someone close.
thats about all i can remember at the moment.but the last two points are really putting me at the lowest ebb of my life.one of the worst moments i ever have to endure in my entire life.i would like to pay a tribute to my POA(Pricinples of Accounts)teacher,Mr David Lee.
-Although it has only been two years,my respect for you has accumulated over the years with your overpowering determination and devotion to Accounting.it has struck me the lengths you would go to so as to make sure that every single important detail of the subject would be etched in our minds for good."Left,Debit,Right,Credit.A,P,R,I,D,E."these are just some of the very basics you put so much effort in to make sure we remember it by repeating it all the time.With all that being said,it would end this short tribute to Mr Lee,God bless you and rest in peace.
Well.enough about all the whining.no point for all that.on a happier note,im glad to say that i've got a new job and its been great so far,definitely many times better than the previous one where i have been lamblasting about in my last post.and i've finally felt the feeling of satisfaction of using your OWN money to get something you want.something i hope to experience for more times to come.well,i guess thats all about it.will update more frequently i hope.tc.

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