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Can't get enough of you baby - Smash Mouth

New blogskin's up. Felt that a change's overdue. so. Got a new one. Pretty refreshing, aye? I would really love to have this sort of relaxing view everyday. It would really soothe the intense stress I'm facing at the moment. Ah wells.

Seriously, blogging has been on the low for me at the moment, because of the mounting workload. I'm clearing them slowly, one by one, and I can't wait for the whole chunk to be cleared off.

Exams are on the way, well, two weeks' time to be exact. Not only that, I've two impending non-examinable module tests this upcoming Thurs & Fri. Now that's stress. But heck with it, I can't to just sit around and whine all day long, I'm definitely going full throttle for it, and not a single module this semester can be failed. Not one.

Well, the past week has been one of the most hectic I've been through, but at the very least, about half of the current workload's cleared.

And so, I'll begin yet another week, which I foresee, a much more hectic one. Till then.


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Friday, January 19, 2007 0 comments

I Wanna Hold You - Mcfly

Its the end of another schooling week, and so far, the restarted term has been hell. I've probably went through one my worst two weeks of my life, but I'm holding on, barely. Oh yah, and I forgot to mention how ridiculously busy I've been as well. Once this week ends, it'll be quite a relief.

Why busy? Let's just say, the school's annual Open House has just kickstarted yesterday, and it sure as heck attracted crowds by the truckloads. Prior to that, I've been training intensively for my IVP competition, which finally ends this upcoming Sunday. To say I'm operating at close to exhaustion is an understatement.

And to think I actually fell asleep during a retest! I need my beauty sleep, BADLY. This semester's moving way too quickly for my liking.

Having the open house ain't too bad, considering the school had a facelift, and it looks much better now, although the insides, where the engineering blocks are, are, well, still pretty much the old, crinkled buildings. Hah.

But fellow friends, you'll have fun at the open house, so feel free to pop by!

Let's see, the highlight of the two weeks has got to be last Friday, where I went through the highs and lows in one day. High-wise, it has got to be seeing eyecandy and saying "hi". (: The low has got to be the most insane one. I blooody waited 1 hour and 45 mins for a bus. FUCK. I think I've never waited anywhere close to that long during my whole 17's years of life. FUCK again.

Anyway, I can't wait for this week to end, it's been pretty bad, and I hope it won't end in the same way.

It seems I'm now blogging in the "update about life" basis instead of the day-to-day happenings. Can't help it, I'll definitely update more often if I had the time. Well, I'm off.


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Friday, January 05, 2007 0 comments

Radio - Alkaline Trio

Hellooooo 2007! Okok I admit, this is such a long-awaited post. Can't help it, it's been a whirlwind week for me, and I'm just getting settled down. Heh. Alrighty, let me summarise the past year, and I'm on borrowed time, since this connection could cut off anytime.

Let's see. 2006.
It has been quite a rollercoaster ride for myself, riding the very highs, and the deepest lows.
Achieving a pass in my Maths for Os was really memorable, since I was basically getting F9s since Sec3.
Then came the admission to NP, which was always my first choice poly. It was great news, because I had quite a lousy L1R4.
The first experience I had in NP was the FOC camp, and it definitely was a life-changing experience, as I changed to a much more outspoken guy as compared to my Secondary school days. Much more. Trust me on that. I made a lot of great friends as well. (:
And so it went, as I made more and more unbelieveable friends, close acquaintances.
Those were the highs, and now for the demoralising lows.

Now, being involved in a breakup was never nice, and I got to experience it once again, in poly, and whenever I think back, I feel bad and guilty, and would really like to apologise to the girl.
It has more or less made me swore off relationships, because I was really sick of breakups.
Another low included watching my classmates move ahead while I had to repeat modules, it was not a good experience. Definitely not one for the record books.

So, as I bade goodbye to year 2006 last Sunday, I'm looking foward to the new year ahead, hopefully bringing more highs than lows.

New year resolutions? Hmm, how about getting good results for this Semester, coupled with a decent showing at the upcoming IVP competition. Of course, my friends are not to be forgotten, let our ties stay strong, in fact, be even stronger! (:


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