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Only One - Yellowcard

It's been quite an eventful week, and here I am back, to start off with an rare entry in the day. See, I've just came back not long ago from an overnight movie marathon, but that can come later.

First things first, CNY.
Somehow, this year's CNY just seem so much quiet-er, so much more boring. It's like no one bothers to celebrate CNY anymore. The buzz's gone, and so are the "ang-baos". How dreadful. Oh well. It's definitely a CNY I'll rather not elaborate about, let's hope next year's a better one.

TBD.(Team Bonding Day)
Went back to school, skipped my training. For what? TBD. Played the usual games, or should I say, the same ol', same ol' games? Overall, since it's only a one day event, I should'nt be too critical. It was pretty fun, and besides, seeing some familiar faces definitely brought a smile to me. Next on the list, Trial Camp. And it'll be FOC. Time's passing so quickly, I'm now a GL for FOC, when it felt like it was just yesterday that I was a freshie. Memories.

Movie Marathon.
Like I've said above, I've just returned from a movie marathon screening over at Orchard Cineleisure, tickets courtesy of Eddie. They showed three Oscar nominated movies, namely, "Babel", "Volver", and "The Pursuit Of Happyness". Now obviously, the lot of us was looking foward to the last movie, but to sit through 3 movies from 11pm to 6am, it was kind of challenging. The movies turned out to be good movies, although I can't fathom for nuts what the 2nd movie was talking about, or how the plot worked. Still, a million thanks to Eddie for the tickets, definitely time well-spent.

And so it is, another week ends, another one begins. Till then.


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Sunday, February 18, 2007 0 comments

Run - Snow Patrol

It's that time of the year again, yessiree, its Chinese New Year again. It's the time of the year where you get loads of "ang-baos" (if you have some huge family tree.), gorge yourself silly with all sorts of snacks, the usual gatherings, the usual exclaimation from relatives, "My, my, how grown up you've been! Children grow up so fast these days, blah blah." And I thought a tape recorder sounded more repetitive.

Reunion dinner yesterday at grandma's was fabulous! She basically whipped up all my favourite dishes, and I swear by her unbeatable braised pork, and I say her skill level hasn't dropped a wee bit.

And speaking of food, I forgot to include in my last entry about visiting Russ's house for 'Pot Luck'. We gathered, well, myself, Mark, Russ & Jas did, and Mark cooked up spagetti which tasted great. Attention ladies, Mark can cook! ;)

Well, this email from Babe sure was interesting, it's about our Star signs. In bed. hehs. Well, here's mine, taurus.

TAURUS - The Tramp : Aggressive .Freak in bed.
Rare to find! Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a goodfight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Sexy cause ........ Loves to help people in times of need. Outstanding kisser. Very funny. Awesome personality. Stubborn. Sexual cause ......... Most caring person you will ever meet! One of a kind. Not one to MESS with. Are the most sexiest people on earth!

Have a good laugh at it, cause I sure did.

Well, here's wishing everyone a "ang-bao"-laden CNY! (:



Saturday, February 17, 2007 0 comments

Hinder - Lips Of An Angel
Hooked on this song, I can't stop listening to it.

Well, well. EXAMS ARE OVER!! There's just this uncontrollable joy in me, when the day came, the last paper. That wild, carefree abandon. But, reality sets in, and it strikes home. It's been one acadamic year, which means I've completed my first year in poly. It's been a ridiculously fast roller coaster ride, this first year of mine has been.

Enough of nostaliga, let's move on, cause I've just developed a phobia of visting town, since I've been there thrice in as many days.
First, 14th Feb.
Valentines'! It also signalled my last paper, and also, hanging out with BITCHASS & BABOON! Formal was supposed to be the dress code for the night, but a few of us broke the code, yours truly included. Heck, who cares, cause we had great fun. Who says singletons can't have fun on V-day? Let's let the pictures do the talking. (:
Awww. Isn't that sweet? The couple among the singletons.

Introducing BITCHASS & BABOON members, Eileen & Mich!

And there's Gilbert!

Mark! He loves Godiva chocs, so do we.

Here's Russell! Looking suave!

Jasmine! Our BABOON.
Group pictures! Fantastic day. (:

And I'm a fucking loser cause I'm shorter than Eileen. LOL.
15th Feb.
Went to town to get my CNY clothes,(no worries, I didn't get red. heh.), while Kenneth got his shoes. Well, it was a good way of rewarding himself after his good work in his O level Maths. Eyed a pair of shoes, I'm gonna have to save up for them. They look good. (:
16th Feb.
Town again. Last minute call-up by Mich, he decided to head to town to do some last minute CNY clothes shopping. Bumped into quite a number of familiar faces, some whom I've yet to see for some time, so it was a nice coincidence. We decided to make Friday our personal 'hang-out' day. Cool.
So here I am, back in the comfort of my chair, typing this entry while half-asleep. The new day beckons, and it's a day to look foward to, with reunion dinner over at my grandma's. Good food guaranteed, I assure you.
I'm salivating already. Till then,


Saturday, February 10, 2007 0 comments

The Breakup Song - American Hi-Fi

Sigh. I've no idea how I ended up here blogging, but somehow, I ended up here after some blog-hopping.

Personally, it has'nt been a good few weeks at the moment,rather, the past few days has been quite a torment for me, mentally.

How would you like, after a day of hard work at school, to come back to home sweet home, where you can relax, only to have your mum or dad tearing into you verbally, with their constant and non-stop ranting? It's driving me nuts, and I've lost the feeling, that feeling where you WANT to go home. I wish I never would have to go home. Not now, anyway.

Call me contradicting, but regardless of my blog add, I'm going emo, listening to emo songs and having emo thoughts. I wish I had you as my listening ear again.

Whenever I'm on those long bus rides, I never fail to let my thoughts drift, thinking about that girl, how I keep telling myself it's basically impossible, just impossible. Facts do hurt when you realise it.

Why this emo entry? I have no idea, it's probably because I've been holding this thoughts for too long, and I need an outlet to let it all out. But trust me, this is'nt all. There's more, but I'm not ready to share. Not yet, anyway.

So until then, I guess all I have, is my own ears, to listen to my rants, and myself to fend away the emotions.

I miss you.


Monday, February 05, 2007 0 comments

Good Enough - Evanescence

Another week's about to begin, and I've just been through two year end tests last Thurs & Friday. Well, it's a little relief off the shoulders, but there's three more exam papers to look foward to, or not.

Well, the two tests went alright I guess, more alright for the first one, less alright for the second one. Oh well, it's over, no point harping on it. At least I've got them over and done with.

The study week has begun! It's time to mug like crazy for that one particular week, then go nervous over the exams nearing, and finish it and then for the holidays. I can't believe how fast my first year in poly is going. In less than two weeks, I'm gonna end my year 1 studies and move on to year 2 at April. It's really ridiculous fast.

Seeing how I first stepped into NP as a greenhorn during April last year, and now about to finish my first year in February. Wow. It's been quite a journey.

I'll probably do a proper remisicing when my exams are over. For now, it's full throttle ahead for the 3 papers. Wish me luck!


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Thursday, February 01, 2007 0 comments

Six months, One year - Yellowcard

Today was just pure dope! Had a great time with BITCHASS&BABOON. Poly life would be extremely dull and boring without this bunch of great people I tell you.

Although I failed in attempting to study for the Ecology paper tomorrow, I definitely enjoyed my time in the library room, be it playing WORMS, or laughing my ass off watching Jackass 2. Today also marked our full attendance for BITCHASS&BABOON. heh.Too bad no pictures, they'll probably be up earliest, 14th Feb.

In any case, Baboon and I shared an emo talk session today, talked about our past, which brought up some old memories of mine, some of them being heartwrenching ones which I didn't want to keep in my mind. But heck with it, it felt good to let it all out. THANKS Baboon! (:

Thankfully I didn't have to wait for anywhere longer than an hour today for my bus, it came after 15mins or so. Whew. Don't blame me, but the phobia of missing my only bus home, cannot be ignored. But Friday nights are cursed for me I swear, cause it's two friday nights I've spent waiting 1 hour or more for the bus. No more staying out on friday nights. heh.

Alrighty, I just wanted to make a short post, seeing that my updates nowadays seem to be like per week, I wanted to make it more often. Wish me luck for my test tomorrow, till then.


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