Friday, December 24, 2004 0 comments

Hey ppl...terribly sry to take such a longg time to update...been reali busy for e past weeks due to hectic schedules..(meetin up wit frens,barbecues,chalet stayin,christmas shoppin..etc..u get e idea...)well,finally found some to time to blog...n wat a time to do it...on christmas got bck ystd frm a chalet....went to downtown east to stay in a chalet over thre wit some frens....culd say tat althugh it was e first time,i dun mind havin more of tat...but of cuz,i wuld be of tat later...well,reached e destination at ard 12plus on e day bfore ystd..not everyone was on time even reached e place at reached thre n started unpackin our stuffs...den at ard evenin,got our barbecue others whom came bfore us already started babecuin their food,we were still tryin our utmost to start a damn got sick of it n used lighter fluid started eatin,n thankfully,no one got food ard 2plus..everyone got tired n slept..all xcept me..i was tired...but i jus culdnt close my i decided to go out n take a e end,i seated thre till e next day...feedin e mosquitos at,everyone was surprised tat i didnt slp a wink tat night..but e afteffects r reali home ystd n fell sick wit a bad headache..a little dose of fever...dun worry ppl,im fine rite here im givin a warnin to ppl wo wans to try to stay awake for a whole day,dun even tink abt den e chalet stay,which left e most in my memory...e meetin up wit frens to catch movies n some barbecues wasnt bad either..sch's gonna start in anth week or two...n althugh i cant blive im actuali sayin tis,i actuali cant wait to go bck to sch...of cuz,its not bcuz of e teachers or e new pricinpal,rather,its my
well,todae's christmas eve..n i doubt i'll be bloggin tmw...which is i'll hereby wish everyone i noe n wo comes by to read my blog a very happy everyone..peace..=blog out=

Friday, December 03, 2004 0 comments

Hey...well,another week has jus passed..jus a mth left bfore e sch term,isnt it?lol...anyway....hav been spendin e past wk tryin to find a new no avail...(i had to quit my previous job due to interference frm my parents...tey deemed earnin 20bucks in 3 days as too still money,isnt it?..i rest my case..)n as each day goes by n i culdnt find any job,hope seems to b gettin more n more i culdnt find any job by e end of nxt wk,i guess its e end of my job huntin...sianz....well,at least i hav gatherings n barbecue parties to look foward way,i dun hav to rot at hm so much...its been reali long since i saw some of my classmates n i seriously wonder how tey hav been doin...spent todae goin ard in serangoon to hav lunch wit a fren n den took a walk in j8...nth new reali,xcept for some new,i'll end here...wuld be bloggin soon...peace...=blog out=

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