Thursday, June 29, 2006 0 comments

I think we're alone now.

Its 4pm on a beautifulllll Thursday,and here I am wasting precious time in the school library.tsk tsk isnt it?Well,I just cant help it because I CANT go home.Fencing starts in 2hours time and I cant wait really.Hyper remember?

Anyway,school's been really enjoyable so far,maybe because the Commontest results I've attained so far has been really good,and so,its one paper left to go.Hard work really does pay off,so,WORK HARD!Assignments,projects,blah blah. are not really on the high at the moment,which probably explains my 'slacker' mentality.Oh well,have to 'slack' while you can,dont you think?

And for advertising purposes,me and Hyper Girl Mat decided to form a ANTI-SMOKING group,and our three slogans to make a smoker quit,are:
1)Smoking's expensive,lah.
2)It makes your breath smell bad can.
3)And lastly,it KILLS!
How's that for quitting smoking?Yes so please tell me if you want to be part of this group.Ok,random please.Ignore this part,lah.

Alright,my friends are rushing me off already.To get 2nd lunch of the day.I guess we can never stop eating.Oh well.Cheers!

Monday, June 26, 2006 0 comments

Picture Perfect.

A new blogskin,new blog address,and basically its a whole new beginning.I've been through some really really tough and horrible times recently,almost leading to me closing this blog down.But I guess my passion for writing,which can be substituted in blogging,can never be destroyed just because of a few setbacks in life.To the world who wants to know what I've been through,it includes a really close relative,as close as brothers,that unfortunately passed on.Thats bad.And a combination of other personal stuff which I really dont want to relive it again in here.

Well,enough of all the emo stuff.Remember the new blog address?Being Hyper Beats Being Emo.So,its seriously enough of all that emo shit.

School's started,and the first day of school just felt like I never left.Homework's the usual,piling up like crazy and countless assignments to(not) look foward to.Oh well.Commontest results are back! Well,not all of them,but some which I'm very happy with,especially my horrible Maths,because I've managed to secure an A grade,so its really hard work paid off.

Ok,I've blogged.That particular someone,your long wait is over.Yes this is random.So just ignore it if you're not that someone.cheers!

Friday, June 16, 2006 0 comments

Hands Down.

A street busker displaying his array of talents for all to see,not a bad way to write,is'nt it?

Pictures galore,no doubt,and it has been quite a retail therapy day yesterday with my buddies,although,I obviously didnt go shopping-crazy like all Singaporeans would during this period of the GSS.

As the pictures above are shown,its World Cup mania everywhere,so why should the Adidas shops be left out?They have put up a display of the different soccer boots of the 32nations taking part,but you cant possibly expect me to take all 32 pictures,and so I've decided to take those that look particularly outstanding than the others,and here are the pictures.Dont miss out on having a look at them,its worth the time Im sure.

I seriously crave for so many things now,but a limited budget can only get you so much,so its definitely good indication that I should be saving up a fortune soon.Reading has been on the agenda for the past week,and its really a great leisure,to beef up my language at the same time too.Any more good books to recommend?

Looking foward to a good friend's birthday celebration tomorrow,it beats being bored at home,thats for sure.I NEED TO GET OUT.And tomorrow presents a great opportunity to do so.Lets hope it'll be a fun and happy affair,and some much needed 'updating' on each other.

Well,since the first week of hols' about to end,I seriously hope it'll just pass a little bit slower.Oh well,what am I thinking?It IS the holidays,always a fast one.Cheers!


Sunday, June 11, 2006 0 comments

Rainy days are crappy days.

Tickle test results(What kind of dog are you?)
No bones about it, you're a popular, fun-loving Golden Retriever. Adored by all and too cool for school, you're extroverted and enthusiastic. Your magnetic personality makes you the life of any bash. Since you're a true people-dog, you genuinely love all kinds of social gatherings. Going to parties, dinners, and other shindigs is the best way to add faces to your constantly growing circle of friends. But besides being on the social A-list, you're a confident, well-rounded pup who's definitely something to bark about. Pretty accomplished at anything you set your mind to, your sunny nature and winning ways make you one of everyone's favorite dogs. Woof!
Tickle test results(What flavor are you?)
Your flavor is Sunny Orange
Your sunny disposition and happy-go-lucky attitude are the kinds of traits everyone loves to have around. Our bet is you're known as the chief supporter in your clan. If there's a bash to throw, you're likely the first one on the horn. If there's a crisis at hand, you can usually be counted on to rally the troops. Easy to talk to and fun to be around, you have a gift for blending perfectly no matter what the situation.This positive energy extends beyond good times into every other aspect of your life. Whatever your career path or goals, your natural ability to win people over and communicate ideas with enthusiasm are two key secrets to your success. The same glass-half-full attitude that makes you a fab friend will work its magic in the workplace. And in the world of business, those kinds of good vibes are always refreshing.

I was being bored,but then again,who wouldnt on a rainy day?I just detest rainy days so much.It really makes the day dull and boring because you get cooped up at home the whole time.I cant wait for the sun to be out again.In the meantime,I guess I'll have this tests to keep me company while I wait for the beautiful sun to be out so that I can get out of the house.

The world cup's really keeping me awake the past two nights,and its something I cant explain logically so I guess its the game that keeps me going.But the matches so far,excluding one particular match,have been pulsating,non-stop action packed matches.Oh well,they dont call it the WORLD CUP for nothing.More late nights to follow Im sure.

Thankfully,the holiday workload's not as heavy as I've expected,which is a nice surprise.Well,more days for fun! Whereas I have friends in other polys having their holidays crammed packed with endless projects,assignments,etc.Work hard guys,remember,its all for the grades.

Well,I suppose this two week break will provide an outlet to relax for my friends and I hope it really does.We DID went through a stressful period.So,till then,Cheers!

Friday, June 09, 2006 0 comments

Ordeal's over.

YES.Finally,the long and arduous week has come to an end.And it feels great,really.The endless times spent at memorising facts,
practising formulaes,etc. are over.Well,for two weeks at least.But heck,its still a getaway.I'll do anything to just have fun,fun and more fun.Cause thats what Samuel's all about,not work,work and work.Oh,and have I mentioned?My holidays have officially begun!For those poor souls who still have tests tomorrow,well,hang on there,its gonna be over!

The week has been such a stress-filled one,I swear I almost had a severe mental breakdown.And to think its only the commontest,I darenot think whats next when the Semester-end exams arrive.But well,thats a long way to go,so I'll leave the thought at the back of my mind at the moment.As I mentioned above,it has been such a stressful week,if it werent for my friends,I wouldnt be here blogging,instead,probably in some pyscharist's ward.The world really revolves around friends,for without them,you're just,well,you.

Now that the holidays are here,I just cant wait for the fun-filled days that lie ahead,so people,if you're looking for anyone to hang out with,you know who to call.Looking back at how Im here lamenting about how stressful a week I had,and at the same time,looking across to some good friends of mine whom are at different polys,my stress levels are probably dwarfed by theirs.So thinking back,maybe I shouldnt have made such a big fuss over the stress,because,there's always someone with worser results out there.Stay strong,you guys.

Oh,and before I forget,being hyper,and I really mean hyper,super hyper is great fun.Right,hyper girl?Got me all hyper and I've been struck with hyper-syndrome ever since.Always "HALLO"ing people.tsk tsk.The week need not be summarised any further,because it has been test,after test.And now,the long awaited holidays have arrived.Time to go out there and let my hair down.Cant wait.Cheers!

Saturday, June 03, 2006 0 comments


S-T-R-E-S-S.Yup,thats the exact emotion that's filling me at the moment,and it kills.Why stress you ask?Hmm,how about my Common Test coming up,in say,NEXT WEEK!? And adding to that,FOUR papers to sit for? If I was still in SecondarySchool at the moment,probably this would be the norm,but I'm no longer one and I cant believe I have to go through this yet again.

Thankfully,work's beginning to clear out,but the impending term break reeks of "WORK" or should I put it this way,"HOMEWORK".Its indeed a very stressful period for me,and my peers included,thats for sure.But then again,thats life I suppose.If thats the case,then life sucks indeed.Just cant wait till term break arrives,for that'll be the time to just sit back a little more and relax.Not a lot for sure with all the homework coming up,Im sure.

Have you watched "XXXXX"? Or,"XXX"? I get this questions about movies and its really depressing to hear them,for its been centuries since I've managed to catch a movie,its just been the case of so close,yet so far most of the time.Movies like,"The Da Vinci Code","X-Men3",etc,well,has been on my 'to-watch' list ever since they have been advertised.And as always,due to the limited time I have on my hands recently,the chances to catch them are oh-so little.To-do list:Catch movies.

Enough about whining all day long.The countdown to term break has begun,and its a much anticipated wait for it.I really cant wait to chuck that bag of books away and start letting my hair down and have fun,lots of it.The endless outings,hang out sessions,bbqs,chalets,man,the list can go on and on.

Fencing and school alike has been more or less enjoyable,obviously excluding the lectures and tutorials.The clique I hang out with has been a great bunch to be with,days mostly filled with non-stop laughter,or lame antics and jokes.Whew! Been waiting for this day for a long time,and thankfully I've found this clique,or I'll probably be still whining about class now.Well,one less subject to whine about.As for fencing,there's probably no chance in hell I'll ever whine about it,for the great people in it,the fun-filled yet torturous training regime never fails to perk me up.Fantastic stuff.

Well,another week to go,and the next time I update would probably be the time when I've weathered the Common Test storm,and well on my way to enjoying my term break.So,till then,cheers!

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