Monday, November 27, 2006 0 comments

Vulnerable - Secondhand Serenade

The above title reflects myself almost perfectly. Tiredness, frustration, and more tiredness fills up the current life. It's been a long, long time since I've been able to get a proper night's of sleep.

Busy I am, so much so I've really lost track of time, I don't like ranting, but I can't help it. The current schedule I have at the moment reeks of tons and tons of work to be done, to be learned. Without the friends I have, I'll definitely would have collapsed, or run away from the responsibilities. I thank GOD for that.

Indeed, in about 2 to 3 weeks' time, the dreaded Common Test week will arrive, and that'll mean 5 examinable papers for myself. As if that's not bad enough, I'm currently struggling, and I really mean struggling, with my A-maths module. Thankfully, there's friends that have offered a helping hand, and I really appreciate that.

How ironic, when I keep complaining of how busy I am, I've actually found the time to catch a movie, "Casino Royale" this past week. The movie's jam-packed with endless action, and suspense, and a movie I would recommend. Both me & Hannah decided to give this movie a 4 and a quarter stars out of 5. Don't miss it. :)

Apologies for digressing, and so it seems, as the Common test looms ahead, I'll really have to buckle down and work my socks off, in order not to replicate the results I achieved last semseter.

I'll end here, and hopefully, should I update again after the Common test, I'll return with happy updates. :)



Friday, November 10, 2006 0 comments

Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard

Woots! I've just realised I haven't been updating for like, 2 weeks!? Tsktsk me. Then again, you all can't blame me at all, no no. Why? Cause ever since school's started, my schedule has been packed to the brim, so much so I'm suffering from exhaustion, horrible horrible exhaustion.

It's like I never ever doze off on bus trips, but lately I've been dozing off after like 10 - 20 mins on the bus. Amazing. The only few times I recall dozing off in buses are the times when I've just came back from a chalet or camp. Now I'm dozing off without going off to these! I need help, rather, S-L-E-E-P. Lots of it, please n thank you.

As if that would've been possible, I've been really busy, with numerous assignments, homework, quizzes, tests, reports, etc; all piling up like Mt Everest. It's ridiculous, considering this semester's supposed to be more "slack". And of course, there's fencing training, where its 3 days a week, its taking the life outta me. And FYI, being the co-captain's really pressurizing, and worse when you see pathetic turnouts for trainings.

Anyway, enough of all that unnecessary ranting. Etnika dinner outing was such a GREAT one! I missed everyone so much, all the jokes, monkey-ing around. Let's have more get-togethers! Pictures galore!

Look at us, posing in front of the broke-down-ed
bus. Wasted so much of our time.

See the plate number? Remember it! The bus that broke down & wasted our time. BOO.

Waiting at Swensen's, I was trying to give that "freaked out" look, I wonder about Far'.

Food glorious food! Waited for quite a while, with stomachs growling like mad.

Jaime's set dinner. It had chicken breast & fried banana. LOL. She kept emphasising on it.

Chocolate Fonde'. Deliciously addictive.

Group photo! Many thanks to those who made it! It was a GREAT dinner. Best one I've had in a while. : )

And with that, I guess that's about it. I'll try to update more often, but it's really a mentally & physically taxing semester for me. Oh wells. I need to de-stress. Badly. : )


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